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The North American Society of German Culture and Heritage is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to educate people about German language, art, music, cuisine, and customs through the creation and promotion of events and activities focused on the positive impact of German culture and heritage.


Committed to bringing an authentic bavarian experience, with respect to a North America attendee.


Selective in the participants. Ensuring only all touchpoints of the festival are at the calibre of being recognized as the best.


Engaged to bring the party to life. This will be a once a year event of the lifetime.


Inclusive in everyway, this festival will encourage connectivity of the attendees to one another.

Our Vision

To host North America's largest and most celebrated culture event for the German heritage. We want to ensure it is an authentic, premium event that connects people together through a unique experience, with a celebration of beer at the heart of it all.

Authentic Beers

Our event will feature only German beers or Gold medal winners of the World Beer Cup in German styles. This will provide a clear seperation from this event and the other regional fests.

Ideal Destination

The festival will take place within the German Triangle, an area defined by the points of Milwaukee to the north, St. Louis to the southwest and Cinncinati to the southeast.

Perfect Dates

The North American Oktoberfest will commence at the end of the Munich Oktoberfest, thus extending the celebration and not conflicting adventure seekers.

Ultimate Experience

The North American Oktoberfest will need to host approximately 100,000 attendees over a 4 day period. Fairgrounds, hotels, transportation and pretzels will be required.

The north American oktoberfest is coming soon!

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